Training Resources

Foundation Licence Guide Book: Available from the RSGB Bookshop 






TX Factor: Amateur radio T.V.





Take a look at this page  of useful information.
Onno from Southgate Amateur Radio News is an Australian Amateur but the hobby is basically the same and you will find lots of useful information here (just bear in mind that any licensing issues may differ):




For further information on the hobby of Amateur Radio we recommend you visit the Radio Society of Great Britain website .


Licensing Authority:

OFCOM are the regulatory body for Amateur Radio and you can find lots of valauable information and updates on the hobby on their website: OFCOM


Locator Squares/WAB Finder:

Particularly useful for giving your location on VHF/UHF etc – click here to use the tool


Training Online: Ham Tests:

If you are studying for the Amateur radio exams, we recommend you register with this site:

Ham Tests  where you be able to test yourself with mock Amateur Radio exams.

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